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About US

Welcome to the world of the good things.

We want to tell a story. It ‘s the story of two university researchers, PhDs in forest ecology, Renee and Giovanbattista. The two researchers spent hours and hours in the laboratory and in the field to study and observe the natural phenomena of the wonderful world around us. Yet, between the tubes, tools and plants, there was a missing ingredient: love. Love you know, never goes unnoticed, so they started looking for it. They found it in a kitchen, that of Anna, the mother of Renee. And just behind the stoves made the greatest discovery of their lives: the food prepared with love creates happiness. The goal of their mission on Earth then became another: make happy as many people as possible. While Anna continued to perfect the experience in high confectionery, Renee was the perfect place to discover the best solutions and to respect the environment and being eco-friendly. Giovanbattista, however, he began to research the best raw materials available in the market. He ‘went in person to count how many steps it would take to reach the best products locally . Luck had it that were really close: they did not have to go even a mile to get the best. step by step they came closer to combining all of thier talents to make a place of good things. The place is called Le Cose Buone

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Our because

Environment: because it is the greatest common good that we have.

Km 0: this guarantees the freshness of the products & reduces pollution.

Naturalness: because we have chosen not to use preservatives, artificial colourings and additives.

Idea: because you have to follow it, when it’s that good.

Work: because it rewards the effort.

Quality: because it comes from love for things done well.

Respect: because the other person is worth more than me.

Transparency: because we have so much to show.

Culture: because you never stop learning.

Aesthetics: because the eyes have to eat.

House: because it is the place where the heart is.