Le Cose Buone | The Location

The Location

Le Cose Buone is situated in the center of Viterbo, on a side street that leads into the heart of the city. Beyond the old door, a cozy little cloister. The location fits perfectly with the philosophy of Good things and adapts to accommodate exhibitions of local artists who regularly offer new incentives to customers. The kitchen is in view seems to those who join us, maybe you can catch a glimpse of the magic in process. Warm colours and soft lighting, jazz music, fresh flowers, the ability to browse free on the internet or read a book from the quaint library are just some of the many good things for those who want to experience moments of happiness.   le-cose---inside-slides-1 le-cose---inside-slidesplacceeee le-cose---inside-slides2 le-cose---inside-slides-vbroooows